Thursday, 3 November 2011


Installed spm 8 in /home/rcusack/software/spm_cbu_svn from CBU SVN repository. This is a convenient SVN format repository of the FIL's SPM neuroimaging software. Choose the latest version within the "releases" subdirectory. So for example, right now (Nov 2011), I type
>> addpath /home/rcusack/software/spm_cbu_svn/releases/spm8_fil_r4290.
>> spm('fmri')

and for aa
>> addpath /home/rcusack/software/aa/versions/release-4.0-beta
>> aa_ver4

Installed spm 2 and spm 99 /home/rcusack/software. In case you're wondering, I'm trying to look at some old data!

To make these work on a modern 64 bit Linux server, I patched spm 2 with the spm 2 compiled files and recompiled spm 99 using gcc, adding "-fPIC" to the line CC="gcc -O2"

To learn more about SPM, see the FIL's website or the spm list

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