Friday, 9 March 2012

Pymvpa 0.4.7 and 2.0.0

Installed with
$ sudo aptitude install python-mvpa
$ sudo aptitude install python-mvpa2

Also installed nibabel

$ easy_install nibabel

But pymvpa doesn't work - first line in tutorial of either package gives mdp error about "convolution_nodes". I've tried reinstalling mdp. Out of time for now...
[now resolved, see comments below from the proactive pymvpa support, who contacted me after reading this post!]


  1. I think we have addressed this issue in development (master GIT branch) and freshier mdp also will soon be available from neurodebian.

    Meanwhile just remove mdp for now or disable it in ~/.pymvpa2.cfg with

    have mdp = no

    or do you need some functionality from mdp within PyMVPA?

    1. Thank you for picking this up and providing the solution!! It works now. This is pro-active support, awesome. We read your JoN paper (with Connolly, Haxby) in my lab meeting this morning and really enjoyed it. Very best-